Our Art

Tang Soo Do is a classical martial art rooted in the distant past and prepared to adapt in the present for the future. It is focused not only on self-defense but on building better people in all areas of their lives.

Tang Soo Do is about life transformation - guiding and challenging us as we become better people and members of society. This transformation occurs in the regimen of education, training, and mentoring and our interactions with each other as we develop in the discipline of our art.

Each person's journey in Tang Soo Do is unique.  We look forward to working with you on your journey towards excellence in all areas of your life!

Our School

Our school is dedicated to the principle that humanity is at its best when helping others.  Even though each student's journey in Tang Soo Do is unique, it can only be done alongside and with the support of others - instructors, other students, family members and friends.  Our school is organized to foster this kind of supportive environment.

Our students represent all age groups (kids, teens, adults) and all skill levels.  Because every student is treated as an individual, they are presented with challenges appropriate to their rank and appropriate to them.

Our curriculum is diverse and combines classical elements of several martial arts along with modern adaptations that have been found to be more practical and effective.  There is always something new to learn and be challenged with!  Testing is progressive and cumulative in order to encourage students to dig deeper in their understanding of our art and of themselves.

Our Classes

Our classes are engaging, challenging and fun!  Every class is structured and planned with the goal of helping each student reach their next goal and realize more of their full potential.

Our classes are small, typically 8-12 students.  Small classes better support addressing a student's individual needs and our goal of helping students achieve real, significant progress.

Many of our classes are multi-generational with kids, teens and adult participating and learning together, and helping one another.
.   Many parents participate with their kids - every effort is made to keep parents and their kids together in the same class if desired.